Why I Lose at Bridge - A collection of cardplay errors

Art. # 978-1-77140-362-7
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About the Book

LEARN FROM BEN’S MISTAKES Here is a rare jewel: an expert bridge player admitting to his own mistakes. In this, his first book, England international Ben Norton passionately describes the cardplay errors he committed in various events over a span of some three-and-a-half years. From a game at the local pub to the top echelon of world class competition, each of these errors is instructive no matter the setting. Whether you want to learn something, see some interesting deals, or simply laugh at how badly the author played, this book will oblige while affording you a unique opportunity: some write better than they play, and you can officially be the judge.

About the Author

BEN NORTON, 26-year-old professional player and writer, bridge is more a lifestyle than a hobby. While still of junior age, he was selected for the England open team and qualified for the Bermuda Bowl where England reached the quarter-finals. Norton has won many domestic events, but has plenty more in his sights at home and abroad.

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