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Never a Dull Deal: Faith, Hope and Probability in Bridge

In Bob Mackinnon’s bestseller, Bridge, Probability and Information, the author drew on his professional background in mathematics to introduce readers to the mysteries of information theory and Bayes Theorem, and their surprisingly practical applications for bridge players. In this sequel, he takes these same ideas further, exploring the application of the concepts of conditional probability to opening leads, declarer play, bidding theory, and the correct strategy at different forms of scoring.

Robert F. MacKinnon

Robert F. MacKinnon (Victoria, Canada) is a retired mathematician whose work has appeared in a number of bridge magazines. He has written two bridge novels, including the remarkable <em>Samurai Bridge</em>, as well as the best-selling (!) <em>Bridge, Probability and Information</em>. He conducts a blog on the mathematics of bridge on <a href=""></a>.

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New Frontiers for Strong Forcing Openings

Two bids are better than one Ken Rexford's first book, Cuebidding at Bridge: A Modern Approach, took on the topic of Italian cuebidding, primarily in the context of a 2/1 Game Force system. However, he noticeably skipped the topic of cuebidding after a strong 2&#9827; opening. With this new book, we now know the reason, and his answer to the Big Problem. This book describes an exciting new approach, using TWO strong openings (2&#9827; and 2&#9830;) to define PATTERN, in such a way that you can actually describe both opener's and responder's hands effectively, and even cuebid intelligently. In many ways, this approach is even better than Precision! Could you imagine agreeing spades at the two-level after a normal 2&#9827; opening? How about having no problems with 4-4-4-1 hands, or hands with both minors? Ken Rexford's method lets you do that and much more, allowing you to use cuebidding, relays and pattern bidding on strong hands as effectively as Precision players, but in the context of what is essentially a normal 2/1 GF or Standard system.

Ken Rexford

KEN REXFORD (Ohio) is a bridge player with 30 years of tournament experience. His first book, <em>Cuebidding at Bridge: a modern approach</em>, and his blog, <a href=""></a>, introduced the bridge world to a modern approach to Italian cuebidding. His second book, <em>A New Approach to Strong Twos</em>, promoted a new method for bidding with extremely strong hands.

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North of the Master Solvers' Club

Vine's trenchant commentaries on the game, often thinly disguised as fiction, appeared regularly in The Bridge World and other magazines in the 1970s and 1980s. A small collection of his work was published previously, but has long been out of print. Readers who are familiar with Vine's writings will be delighted to see them once more available, this time in a much more comprehensive collection. Those who haven't discovered Frank Vine's work before are in for a rare treat.

Frank Vine

Frank Vine (1927-1987) possessed an acid wit along with a rare talent for putting pen to paper. A resident of Hamilton, Ontario and a lawyer by profession, he was also an expert bridge player who won the North American Men's Pairs (in those days the strongest pairs event of the year) in 1969.

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Northern Lights: Selections from CANADIAN MASTERPOINT

Here's a bridge book that's just good fun! Actually, we don't guarantee that you won't learn anything while you're reading it, but that's not the main purpose of this book. Here are just a few of the things you'll get to do in these pages: - Think about whether it's better to be lucky or good - Learn Colbert's Rules, and when to apply them - Find out how Restricted Choice applies to TV game shows - Study the Shoe's 3-minute Guide to Winning Bridge - Discover the psychological laws that drive us to play this game - Stay up all night with David Silver playing for money - Follow Alice into the Wonderland bridge club - Solve bridge-related puzzles If you're not afraid to own a bridge book that will live by your bedside and keep you up reading it far too late at night, go ahead - take it home!

Ray Lee & Linda Lee

Ray Lee (Toronto, Canada) has been playing and writing about bridge for more than 40 years. A former bridge columnist for the 'Toronto Star', he has also been editor of various bridge magazines, and has written for such varied periodicals as the ACBL Bulletin, BRIDGE magazine, Bridge Plus, Australian Bridge, and world championship Daily Bulletins. He is a former president of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

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