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Van Short Whist tot Contract Bridge

This is the original Dutch version of From Short Whist to Contract Bridge, available in Dutch, in print. For the English translation visit our ebook store page. If you would like to purchase the Dutch version in ebook format, please contact us at Card-playing by some is regarded as reprehensible, and by others as contemptible: I do not agree with either. I look upon cards in general as a rational amusement. In some instances indeed they administer to evil; but which of man’s enjoyments does not ? (Q. Quanti — Londen, 1822) In Van Short Whist tot Contract Bridge, neemt de auteur de lezer mee op een reis door tijd en ruimte, en laat hem kennismaken met Karnöffel, Whist, Hombre, Quadrille, Boston, Cayenne, Vist-Preferans, Russische Whist, Jarolash en Sturmwhist. Deze oud en meestal vergeten spelen zullen uiteindelijk leiden tot de assemblage van een aantal ‘proto-bridge’ varianten, waarvan enkel Collinson’s Biritch or Russian Whist de barensweeën zal overleven. Op haar beurt zal deze ‘moeder van alle bridgevarianten’ de plaats moeten ruimen voor haar meer gesofisticeerde opvolgers: bridge-opposition, auction bridge, royal auction bridge, plafond en, uiteindelijk, contract bridge, ’s werelds populairste kaartspel… HANS SECELLE (Schelderode, België) is een schaak- en shogiexpert die zich in 1991 tot het bridgespel bekeert. Uit interesse voor 18e- en 19e-eeuwse kaartspelen, begint hij zich te verdiepen in de overgang van short whist naar contract bridge en in 2014 publiceert hij zijn eerste boek, Bridge — De geschiedenis van een kaartspel (Uitgeverij Het Punt — Baasrode, 2014). De research wordt verdergezet, blinde vlekken worden weggewerkt, fouten worden gecorrigeerd en nog meer ontbrekende schakels worden ontdekt, zodat een volledige herwerking van zijn eerste boek onvermijdelijk wordt.

Hans Secelle

HANS SECELLE (Schelderode, Belgium) is an expert chess and shogi player who turned to bridge in 1991. Having taken an interest in 18th and 19th century card games, he decided to investigate the transition from short whist to contract bridge and published his first book, Bridge — The history of a card game, in 2014. As his research continued, blind spots were dentified, errors were corrected and more missing links were discovered, to the extent that reworking his first book became an absolute necessity.

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Variable Key Card Blackwood

Beyond Roman Key Card Blackwood Easley Blackwood introduced and developed the Blackwood Convention. Eddie Kantar then expanded the Blue Team's Roman Blackwood into the Roman Key Card Blackwood that has dominated expert circles for the past half century. Variable Key Card Blackwood may be the next logical step. VKCB allows partnerships to address many problems that neither Blackwood nor Roman Key Card Blackwood solves, while keeping the auction low enough to avoid bad slams. And, better yet, it is relatively easy to use. Suppose you have enough power for slam but only the J732 in trumps, in support of partner's five-card suit. You also know that partner has only one of the top three honors. If the honor is the ace, the slam seems good. If it is the king, the slam is not so good. Using VKCB, partner can tell you which honor he has. What about holding 8732? Now you need partner specifically to have the ace and the jack. VKCB has a solution for that problem as well. In fact, you might also find out about a particular side king, all before committing to a slam and without any cuebidding. VKCB solves your problem without going past the safety of the five-level.

Ken Rexford

KEN REXFORD (Ohio) is a bridge player with 30 years of tournament experience. His first book, <em>Cuebidding at Bridge: a modern approach</em>, and his blog, <a href=""></a>, introduced the bridge world to a modern approach to Italian cuebidding. His second book, <em>A New Approach to Strong Twos</em>, promoted a new method for bidding with extremely strong hands.

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