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Ultimate Guide to Modern Canasta

Learning to play Canasta is fun, but it can also be challenging. This Ultimate Guide to Modern Canasta was designed by veteran instructors and founders of the Canasta League of America (CLA) and Canasta Junction. The book helps novice players to understand concepts simply and clearly and introduces new strategy concepts to intermediate and advanced players. To make things easier, short chapters identify major concepts, followed by review questions to help test your knowledge of the subject matter covered.The book is divided into five parts: The Basics, Advanced Play, Competitive Play Options, Alternative Play Options and Reference Tools. Readers can go at their own pace, with the chapters designed to be completed in one setting.This is the only Canasta book that has the backing of the Canasta League of America. It utilizes the current Rules and Standards determined by the CLA.  

Sue and Alan Silberstein & Jennifer Jackson-Strage

Sue and Alan have almost 150 years of combined experience playing Canasta. Sue started playing when she was ten and Alan began playing at age thirteen when his mother needed a fill-in for her regular game. After working and raising their children, Sue and Alan retired to South Florida, where they started teaching Canasta to their friends. Eventually, they turned their hobby into a business to help everyone play this fun and social game with confidence. However, they noticed that players often picked and chose which rules to follow. As a result, in 2012, Sue and Alan founded the Canasta League of America (CLA) and began to standardize the regulations for playing Canasta. In addition, the CLA provided a place for members to receive newsletters, supplies, event information and playing advice. Under Sue and Alan’s direction and expertise, the CLA produced a rule book that became the standard for Modern Canasta. Subsequently, they authored a strategy book. Shortly after that, they developed the concept of a Canasta App. By 2015, the first edition of Canasta Junction (CJ) was released for Apple, Android, Kindle, Mac and PC devices. After additional testing and further development, CJ became the Official App of the Canasta League. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the app saw viral success and was listed in Apple’s Top Ten Card Games for over eighteen months. In late 2020, Sue and Alan sold their interests in CLA and CJ to 52 Entertainment, a leading e-gaming company. However, they have remained on board as consultants and recognized experts in Canasta. They continue to contribute content to the CLA newsletters, advise on enhancements to the CJ app, test new versions and work on other Canasta innovations. Sue and Alan have taught over 5,000 players in person and on Zoom. In addition, they continue to encourage Canasta enthusiasts to socialize, challenge themselves and have fun through the various Canasta avenues they created, including the Canasta League of America, Canasta Junction and Canasta University.

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Useful Probability for Bridge Players

Beginners rely heavily on bridge maxims. Are they accurate? What is the mathematics behind them? Useful Probability for Bridge Players examines these questions. The emphasis here is on ‘useful’. This is not an academic tome, but a discussion of the aspects of probability that every bridge player needs to know and understand. Topics include suit splits, suit combinations, percentage plays, the Principle of Restricted Choice, and even the application of probability to bidding decisions.     "It is one of the best bridge books I have read and certainly the easiest to understand on this particular aspect of the game." — Frank Mustoe, ABTA teacher, Barrie Bridge Club   Praise for A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play “… [Laderman] gives the most comprehensible explanation of probabilities I can remember reading.” The New York Times (Dec, 2009) Phillip Alder

Julian Laderman

Dr. Julian Laderman is a retired mathematics and computer science professor (Lehman College, City University of New York). He is a two-time winner of the American Bridge Teachers’ Association Book of the Year Award, winning for A Bridge to Simple Squeezes in 2006 and A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play in 2009. His book on the history of bridge, Bumblepuppy Days, received the Alan Truscott Memorial Award from the International Bridge Press Association in 2016. For many years he wrote the bridge column for The Bronx Journal.

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