All authors available from Master Point Press

Below is a complete list of all authors from Master Point Press

Gardener, Nico

The late Nico Gardener (London, UK) was a distinguished international player, winner of many British national events, and founder of the highly successful London School of Bridge.

Gitelman, Fred

Fred Gitelman (Las Vegas) has a trophy case full of world championship medals, many of them earned playing for his native Canada. He is known throughout the world as a leading designer and producer of bridge software, while his web site, Bridge Base Online, is the most popular bridge-playing site on the Net.

Glandorf, David

DAVID GLANDORF is a retired aerospace engineer who has been teaching bridge ‘forever’, starting with lunch-time players at work, and then professionally since 2002. He was the 2013 American Bridge Teachers’ Association Teacher of the Year. David lives in Houston with his wife, Becky.

Goldfinger, Paul

PAUL GOLDFINGER (Washington, USA) learned the game decades ago. When he started playing again in 2006, he quickly realized that he had a lot to learn. By reading dozens of bridge books and magazines, along with playing frequently, he's gone from being a novice to a Bridge Life Master.

Goodwin, Jude

Jude Goodwin is an illustrator, author, and graphic artist who lives in Squamish, BC, on Canada's west coast. She is webmaster for the Canadian Bridge Federation as well as editor of its magazine, Bridge Canada. She is well-known for her bridge cartoons, as well her illustrated book on bridge for children 'Teach me to Play'.

Granovetter, Matthew

Matthew Granovetter (Cincinnati. Ohio) is perhaps best known as the founder and editor (with wife Pamela) of Bridge Today magazine, now available only in its online edition. A top-class player, he has won National titles and represented the USA at the world level. Several of his books are regarded as modern classics on the game.

Granovetter, Pamela

Pamela Granovetter (with husband Matthew) is the publisher of Bridge Today and Bridge Today Digest, as well as the founder of the Bridge Today Online University. They are the author of a number of books, many of them award winners. They also write Partnership Bridge, a popular feature in the ACBL Bulletin. They live with their two children in Cincinnati, OH.

Granville, Richard

Richard Granville (UK) has represented the UK at both Bridge and Go. A software engineer by trade, he has contributed more than 2000 cardplay problems to the No Fear Bridge website.

Greenberg, Gail

Gail Greenberg is a five-time World Champion, whose bridge school in New York is one of the largest in North America.