All authors available from Master Point Press

Below is a complete list of all authors from Master Point Press

Jackson, Jim

Jim, known as James Montgomery Jackson on his tax return and by his mother whenever she was really mad at him, splits his time in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Georgia's low country. A published fiction author, this is his first bridge book.

Jackson-Strage, Jennifer

Jennifer is a London native who moved to New York City for her education, where she earned a BA and MPA from Barnard College and Columbia University. After completing her studies, she relocated to South Florida with her husband. In 1998, Jennifer founded BusiWerks, a consulting firm that helps clients use technology to improve their lives and expand their businesses. Through BusiWerks, Jennifer met and worked with Sue and Alan Silberstein for over a decade, helping to bring their entrepreneurial ideas for Canasta to fruition. Jennifer created websites and content for CLA, CJ and CU. She was a member of the original writing team for the CLA Standard Rules and Instruction Books and the CLA Strategy Guide and has participated in Canasta Tournaments and Retreats. She introduced Sue and Alan to the developer who would write the original CJ program. She wrote, developed and created all the instructional videos for Canasta Junction and, alongside Sue and Alan, provided Customer Support for the app through 2022. In addition to this success with Canasta, Jennifer has made a name for herself helping clients bring their dreams to life. Another standout achievement was the development and launch of The Bed Tucker, a revolutionary tool that allows users to make beds without lifting the mattress. Created by her then 89-year-old client, The Bed Tucker gained popularity in the hospitality industry and even caught the attention of Tik Tok users, going viral on the platform. Packaged by the ARC’s special needs adults, The Bed Tucker is available on Amazon. With the publication of this book, Jennifer continues the literary legacy of her father, who has written numerous consulting books, a family biography and two poetry books.

Jacobs, Bill

Bill Jacobs has won many Australian national championships, the most recent three playing Fantunes, and has twice represented his country at Open level. He regularly provides astute vugraph commentary on Bridge Base Online. For the past ten years he has been editor of the monthly bulletin of the Victorian Bridge Association.

Jassem, Krzysztof

KRZYSZTOF JASSEM (Poland) is a well-known international player whose successes include winning the Vanderbilt Cup and a silver medal in the World Olympiad Teams. He is professor of computer science at Poznan University.

Jiobu, Bob

BOB JIOBU (USA) began playing bridge as a college freshman but after graduation did not play for thirty years. He is now a retired sociology professor who has researched demography, social psychology, and data analysis. Currently, he is playing a lot of bridge while thinking about how to use social psychology and probability to win more tricks.

Jourdain, Patrick

Patrick Jourdain (Wales), who is President of the International Bridge Press Association, is an international player and one of the UK’s best-known writers on the game. This is his third book.

Juhl, Jeppe

Jeppe Juhl (Denmark) is an award-winning print and TV journalist who also happens to be an expert player of poker, bridge, chess, backgammon and Scrabble.